GoDaddy goes down, taking countless websites offline; Anonymous claims responsibility

GoDaddy suffered what appears to be an hacker attack today, causing a currently undetermined number of sites to go offline or partially suffer. I sent a couple emails to a coworker of mine this morning and neither arrived. Upon some searching we found the news. His domains and email are hosted with GoDaddy. Some of GoDaddy’s manager functions do not work for him.

An individual claiming the successful GoDaddy hack goes by the name of Anonymous. This could be related to AnonOpsLegion, but at this time it is unknown with the “Anonymous” attack is an individual or a group. The group refers to themselves as “we”, whereas this conversation about Anonymous, the person claiming the successful hack refers to theirself as “I”.

It is not unlikely that the GoDaddy “Anonymous” hack has already led to millions of dollars in GoDaddy client losses. If large sites were affected that could be in the billions. Not to mention that GoDaddy has not yet resolved the issue. The longer problems remain the more money goes down the toilet.

This also presents a serious opportunity for valid and invalid law suits against GoDaddy.

The community, it seems especially developers, are infuriated at the attack. Developers and website companies will undoubtedly also suffer as their clients will be upset.

The hack on GoDaddy is no small matter. A company as large as GoDaddy should have strong defenses against such attacks. However it was reported in the early 2000′
s that some shared-server ASP hosting users could drill up into other user accounts, and view source code.